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The Chicagoland Chapter of PMI is proud to present the 3rd Annual Career Development Conference! Are you someone who wants to grow into your role? Are you interested in becoming a better at planning your career? Join us at the Chicagoland Career Development Conference and let us help you take the next step. The PMI Chicagoland Career Development Conference is a premier event hosted by our chapter to help our members get the most out of their career, whether as a starting project manager or a seasoned veteran

2018 PMI Chicagoland Career Development Conference
December 15, 2018. 8:30 AM - 4:45PM
Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL.

We are having issues with our registration system. If you find you can't register online, please send name, address, PMI or non-PMI member, and lunch choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian preference to Cynthia Andersen via .   Please bring a check on Saturday morning when you register. If you are a student, please contact for coupon. The Career Development Team hopes to have you attend!



Career Track

Transition Track

8:00 AM


8:30 AM

Opening Remarks

8:45 AM

Keynote Speaker: Marian Cook, "The Future of Work: How Can We Prepare for a Future we Can't Yet Define

9:45 AM


10:00 AM

Brad Malone, on Thinking about your Career

Bob Podgorski, Your Unique Selling Proposition

11:00 AM 


11:15 AM

John Kennedy, Critical Thinking

Colonel Jill Morgenthaler, Storytelling: The Secret weapon to your Next Job

12:15 PM


1:00 PM

  Brian Vanderjack, Successful Transition, from Project Manager to Scrum Master

Denise Hansard, Interview Hacks, Prepare to Shine

2:00 PM


2:15 PM

Andy Kaufman, The Power to Influence without Authority

Jill Fahlgren,  Tips for Powering Up Your Career

3:15 PM


3:30 PM

Steve Pieczko, Help Me, I've Fallen and Can't get Up, About Bouncing Back

Denis Curtin, Energize Your Job Search Using the Latest Linked In Updates 

4:30 PM

Closing Remarks and Raffle




 2018 Career development Speakers

Keynote Speaker Marian Cook

"The Future of Work: How Can You Prepare for a Futuer We Can’t Yet Define?"

Emerging technology and business leader with extensive experience in strategy, management, operations, innovation and change management. She is currently a Solutions Principal at Slalom Consulting, the Head Learning Facilitator for MIT's blockchain class, and a Strategic Advisor to the Chicago Blockchain Center.

We are undergoing a massive and foundational transformation in the way we work, and this pace of change is accelerating. Emerging technologies and automation are replacing human tasks and jobs, and changing the skills that organizations are looking for in their people. Competition for talent is fierce and growing. This creates huge implications for our society, economy, government, corporations and the individual, at a time when leaders are already grappling with unprecedented disruption.

Many of the roles, skills and job titles of tomorrow are unknown to us today. How can organizations and individuals prepare for a future we can’t yet define? In this talk we look at how the work, workforce and workplace might be shaped over the coming decade, and how to prepare for it.

Bob Podgorski

"Your Unique Selling Position"

Each of us has a set of skills attributes and talents that combined make us unique and desirable to an employer. Learn how to determine yours and put together your Unique Selling proposition for that next recruiter conversation, job interview or that next internal promotion consideration.


Andy Kaufman

"Improving Your Influence"

Do you ever have a dependency on someone in a different part of the business and yet they don't have the same sense of urgency as you? That's the life of most project managers! Increasingly we are responsible for delivering initiatives with teams of people who do not report to us while relying on stakeholders we don't have authority over. Our ability to influence can make all the difference in our ability to get commitment and achieve project objectives. In this session, Andy will share evidence-based insights on how to improve your ability to influence, which can be a critical skill to prepare you for the next step in your career.

Colonel Jill Morgenthaler

"Storytelling: The Secret Weapon of your Next Job."

"So, tell me a little about yourself." Invariably, many job interviews start with this type of question and all too often a candidate's answer doesn't take advantage of this great opportunity. A strong resume and cover letter may grab initial attention, but it's the stories you tell that convince people you can do what you say you can.    

Colonel Jill Morgenthaler. She was among the highest ranking women in the US military and one of her greatest challenges was when she faced off with Sadaam Hussein while on assignment in Iraq. Jill has taken her storytelling skills and is showing job seekers how to apply her principles to create a dynamic impression during interviews and networking meetings. Here are a few topics Jill will cover during her presentation:

The 4 H's (head, hand, heart and humor)... What you should touch upon to show that you have done the job and can do the job.

The 4 S's (self, situation, solution and success)... What will assist you in presenting yourself in the best light and why you are the best return on investment. 

How storytelling makes you more memorable during job interviews.

Top competencies & character traits that make you a more attractive candidate.

Resources you can use to uncover your unique competence that sets you apart from other candidates.

Denis Curtin

"Energize Your Job Search using the NEW LinkedIn Profile"

Your LinkedIn profile is your second most important job-hunting tool, next to your resume. This presentation will focus on utilizing the NEW LinkedIn profile to energize your job search. Mr. Denis Curtin will be presenting practical methods you can apply to attract internal and external recruiters to your LinkedIn profile. Specific LinkedIn profile Do’s and Don’ts will be discussed so you can quickly improve your LinkedIn profile. Techniques to hold the recruiter’s attention on your profile will also be presented.

John Kennedy

"Peak Acceleration: Extraordinary Results in Half the Time!"

Highly developed critical thinking skills are essential to personal and team efficiency. We’ll cover the simple mental process underlying critical thinking and the amazing ability of our brains to change physically from stimulation called neuroplasticity. You’ll then experience a fun, interactive exercise that combines both to improve your critical thinking ability at an unconscious level. You’ll keep the exercise to use on your own to help you accomplish more faster and with less stress.

Denise Hassard

"Prepare to Shine; Interview Hacks."

What happens when you have that interview knowing you are 1 of many being interviewed? What can you do to Shine ... showing the best you ever? In this interactive program, Denise lends her voice and experience of transformation to uncover the essence of great interviewing. 

Take aways:
Learn the most important tool you must have
Discover the 3 top interviewing hacks to have you shine
Learn how to answer the top interview questions asked

Steve Pieczko

"Help Me I've Fallen and Can't Get Up!"

Have you ever wondered why some people have no problems finding and landing a new opportunity while others take months to land an opportunity?   Why do some people bounce back faster than others?

Have you ever been turned down for an opportunity and wondered, what are they really telling me?  Or are you consistently the “runner up” candidate?  If you answered yes, then this knowledge sharing session is for you.

In this PMI Knowledge Sharing session, we will discuss techniques to finding and landing your next opportunity, which includes the following discussion topics:

Solopreneur and “The Gig Economy”

Personal Branding

The interview isn’t about you

Your resume is boring me

The second place dilemma

LinkedIn in reverse

The client, recruiter and salesperson is lying to you

The best questions to ask

I’m stuck in an industry and I can’t break into another more interesting industry

Collecting constructive feedback after the interview

Jill Fahlgren

"Tips for Powering Up Your Career: Get Better Results Through Transition and Beyond"

Are you doing all you can do to achieve what you want in your career? Most of us find ourselves doing what we’ve always done, what’s comfortable. Why not? The uncertainty and disruption of change can be daunting. Or, maybe you don’t know what else to do.

Whether you’re working hard or feeling stalled or uncertain about how to move forward, getting to a more satisfying place can be a challenge.

In this presentation, Jill Fahlgren will share what she’s learned through her own experience and as an Executive Coach helping hundreds of professionals achieve their career goals. She’ll share tips for actions you can take to “change your luck” if you’re stuck, or to keep moving forward if you’re not.

Plus, the coach is in! Jill is ready to answer your questions about what you can do to power up your career. Come prepared to ask about challenges you’re facing and questions you have about transition or managing your career.

In this presentation, you will:

  • Identify key components of managing your transition and your career to get better results 

  • Understand specific actions you can take to be more effective in achieving your goals – including 
topics such as goal-setting, networking, branding, and more 

Gain insight into specific questions and challenges through “the coach is in”

Brian Vanderjack

The transition from Project Manager to Scrum Master can be an exciting growth opportunity for those interested in leading teams. This presentation will share, what the role of a project manager is, what the role of a scrum master is, differences between being a scrum master vs. a project manager, and will provide many recommendations for how to manage successful teams, including scrum teams.

Brian is an Agile Scrum Product Owner at AT&T, and, a graduate student instructor at Illinois Institute of Technology, teaching agile, leadership and project management.  Brian served as an agile/scrum coach at AT&T for four years, and also served as a scrum master for two years.  In his role as a scrum master he won the award for Outstanding Team Contributor.  Before this he was a project manager at AT&T for over 15 years, where he won the Excellence in Project Management Award. He was a contiributing subject matter expert for the creation of AT&T’s class: How to Pass PMI’s Agile Certified Practitioner Test, and, has taught many classes on how to pass the PMI PMP exam.

As an award-winning public speaker, he has spoken at many venues including AT&T, IBM, Abbot Labs, Microsoft etc.  He has also spoken at many different PMI chapters on Project Management, Leadership, and Agile/Scrum.

Previously, as a faculty member at University of Phoenix, he taught project management, operations management, creative thinking, and critical thinking, and leadership. While there, he won Facilitator of the Year for Illinois for teaching project management, and earned a certification as an “advanced” instructor.

He holds an MBA from DePaul University, which he earned with “distinction.”  His ability to share information has resulted in many articles published in PM World Journal (distribution approx. 15,000 people), and a book on Agile/Scrum called “The Agile Edge, published by Business Expert Press.  He is honored to have received over 1,000 Linkedin “Endorsements.”  

Brad Malone

Brad Malone, MA, PMP, President of Twin Star Consulting Company, has managed numerous large hardware, product development, software integration, and organizational change projects in his 30+ year career.  He has directed many portfolio, project and resource management process implementation and improvement efforts for Fortune 1000 corporations globally.  Clients include: Starbucks, GE, P&G, Chase, Siemens, Novo Nordisk, and many mid-size companies.  He leads portfolio and project management maturity audit teams for commercial and government clients, and consults with a wide variety of customers on portfolio / project management culture and process implementation and leadership issues.

He develops and instructs training courses in basic and advanced portfolio and project management skills, requirements, risk, estimation, team development, organization change management and leadership, and has trained over 25,000 course participants globally from multiple industries.  Mr. Malone has authored and taught the Project Management Institute’s best-selling course, Project Management: Competencies and Structure, since its inception and for the past 20 years worldwide; and is a regular presenter at PMI Global Congresses, local PMI Chapter meetings and for AVIXA, NSCA, as well as a regular contributor to numerous trade and industry journals. 




Transportation from Chicago, Ogilvie Transportation Center, 500 W Madison St #3610, Chicago, IL 60661, from 8:40am, arriving 9:12am, at Elmhurst Metra Station, a short walk to the campus, which is west and south of the station. Returns from Elmhurst Train Station at 3:13pm and 5:13pm.

Campus Map

The conference will be located in the Frick building (Number 15)

About Our Host: Elmhurst College

Elmhurst College is a leading four-year college that seamlessly blends liberal learning and professional preparation to help students reach their full potential. Elmhurst offers 60 undergraduate majors, 16 graduate programs, evening and online programs for adults, and the Elmhurst Learning and Success Academy for young adults with differing abilities. Elmhurst College is among the top-ranked colleges in the Midwest, according to U.S. News & World Report; and U.S. News, Money and Forbes magazines consistently rank Elmhurst as one of the Midwest’s best values in higher education. 


Sherry Bucaro ’97 |Admission and Community Outreach
Elmhurst College | Office of Admission –Graduate Studies
190  Prospect Avenue, Elmhurst, IL 60126
Direct: (630) 617-3069 | Fax: (630) 617-6471