Mentorship Core Mentee Information

Do you want to be a Mentee? The benefits of the program are designed to be far reaching.  Some expected benefits are:

  • Learning and guidance opportunity for students and professionals.

  • Professional development.

  • Networking growth.

  • Exposure to PMI Chicagoland Member benefits.



The following conditions must be met for consideration in the program as a Mentee:

  • Member of the Chicagoland Chapter of PMI.

  • Dues paid and current.


Program Interest

Prospective Mentees are requested to fill out a survey indicating their interest in the program.  This provides the opportunity to re-direct Members to areas of the Chapter that may better serve their needs prior to investing time and efforts into the Application process.


Prospective Mentees must complete and submit the following items, by the end of the Application Period for the Program Session desired, in order to participate in the program:

  • Mentee Application

  • Current Resume


Admissions and Registration Process

Admissions Kickoff - You will be requested to schedule a screening appointment with an assigned Core Leader who will acts as your advocate and advisor through the Admissions and Registration process. Status = Applicant.

Phone Screening - At your phone screening, you will confirm your availability to participate, discuss your professional experience and your preferences for a Mentor partner. Your Core Leader will provide you with details about participating in the Mentoring Program. Status = Applicant.

Selection - Your Core Leader will make a determination to advance you as a Mentee Candidate for matching, require that you find a suitable project where you can practice the PM skills you are developing or redirect you to other opportunities within the Mentoring Team or the Chapter. Status = Candidate, Redirected or Withdrawn.

Matching - The Core Committee will match Mentor and Mentee Candidates based on information collected during the Admissions process. Your Mentoring Core Leader will represent you at the Committee Matching Session, where the Committee will discuss your primary and alternate Mentor Candidates. If we determine that we do not have an available and appropriate Mentor for you, you will be deferred to the next Program Session and granted Priority Admissions status. Status = Matched or Deferred.

Acceptance Period - You will be introduced to your primary Mentor Candidate and be given 1-2 weeks to discuss and evaluate the match with your proposed partner. You will provide feedback on the match and a response of "accept" or "decline". If you decline, you will be introduced to an alternate Mentor Candidate, if available. If both partners accept each other, the Core Committee will confirm and finalize acceptance of your mentoring partnership. Status = Accepted, Matched (alternate) or Deferred.

Registration (Online) - Registration instructions will be provided upon acceptance. Once registration is confirmed, you will receive a welcome email and calendar invitations for all required Program Events. Final Status = Registered. All registered Program Participants will be required to sign the Mentoring Agreement at the Kickoff Event.

Active Session

Program participation guidelines are outlined on the main Mentoring webpage. Please review the Mentee Guidelines. Additional information will be provided at the Kickoff Event.


Program Completion

If you hold a PMI credential, you are eligible to claim 5 PDUs for your successful completion of the Mentoring Program. Additional PDUs may be claimed based upon individual participation.


If you have any questions regarding this program please contact: