Pitch Your Idea

We value the voice of our members!

We, at PMI Chicagoland Chapter,  are striving for better quality and relevance in our chapter programs. Developing Project Management Leaders is our priority. We are also committed to engaging our chapter members in all possible manners.  For an opportunity to influence chapter activities and member experiences, please Pitch Your Idea To Us. We are eager to hear from you.  Here is a link to Pitch Your Idea Template  as a starting point.

 How to Submit -Define your idea using Idea template as a starting point and email a copy to us to  idea@pmichicagoland.org

End Goal At least one new Program/Initiative/Activity – representing Member’s voice will be adopted by the PMI Chicagoland Chapter and preferably, implemented by the “idea” presenter


  • One entry per participant.
  • Must be a chapter member in good standing.
  • Ideas should align with chapter objectives and should enhance chapter activities &/or member experiences.
  • Could be a new initiative/program/activity or an enhancement to an existing program.


2018 PMI Chicagoland Chapter Goals               
Reach the Unreached
Bring in the unengaged members
Develop and Enhance our Knowledge Resources
Contribute to PMI learning community 

Here are some "idea' examples

Area                                            Example                                
Networking Event or a workshop New Member Orientation
New Program Pitch Your Idea
New Content Fun Facts in Monthly Newsletter
New Function or Role Director of Member Data Analysis


What's Next

  • All submissions will be acknowledged by email.
  • Ideas will be evaluted by the members on the 'idea' committee. 'Idea Committee' comprises of 2 chapter board members, 2 chapter directors and one volunteer member.
  • Selected ideas will be invited for a presentation to the committee. Ideas will be evaluetd for member benefit and feasibility of implementation.
  • Based on committee feedback, shortlisted ideas will be invited to pitch to the chapter board. Board will evaluate the ideas for alignment to chapter goals and funding.
  • Board will vote on and select one(or more) ideas to be adopted by the chapter. One of the board members will sponsor the selected idea(s).
  • Original presenter of the idea will be invited to lead the implementation if they are so interested. Chapter board and directors are available as needed to support the execution of the selected idea(s).
  • At minimum, this is designed as  a learning experience through project ideation, initiation, planning and executing cycles of project management. 
  • Your Voice counts, please Pitch your Idea(s) to us. 

Email your ideas to idea@pmichicagoland.org 

Thank you and Good Luck!