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Vital and forward thinking - focused on the needs of project management professionals worldwide; that's the Project Management Institute of today.

We've long been acknowledged as a pioneer in the field and now PMI membership represents a truly global community with over 600,000 professionals, representing 188 countries. PMI professionals come from virtually every major industry including, aerospace, automotive, business management, construction, engineering, financial services, information technology, pharmaceuticals, health care, and telecommunications.



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Become a Member of PMI Chicagoland Chapter

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Member Benefits


Members of PMI Chicagoland Chapter

The Chicagoland Chapter is made up of approximately 4,000+ members and serves a large geographic area including Northern Illinois and Northern Indiana. We offer many opportunities to network with peers and keep current on best practices in project management.

 Some of these personal and professional benefits include:


Monthly Dinner Meetings Publish an Article Volunteer Opportunities
Annual Volunteer Recognition Event Professional Development Career Opportunities
PM Mentoring Program Business Outreach Leadership Opportunities
Chapter Newsletter PM Knowledge Sharing  



Benefit Description Key Benefit to Member

Monthly Dinner Meetings


Chapter hosts monthly dinner meeting at various locations around Chicagoland montlhly. Leading speakers are invited to present Project Management topics.  Attendees are encouraged to network with peers.

Register for an upcoming meeting

Learn More

  • One-on-One Networking opportunity.  Meet chapter members.
  • Earn 1 PDU
  • Get educated from leading speakers on Project/Program Management

Annual Volunteer Recognition Event


At the end-of-the-term each year, volunteers and their guests are invited to an event to recognize and celebrate their contribution to the chapter.  Volunteer of the Year, Director of the Year, and Team of the Year awards are awarded.
  • Volunteer of the Year award
  • Team of the Year award
  • Director of the Year award
  • Volunteer Certificate
  • PMI Chicagoland logo products giveaways
  • Network with fellow volunteers & their guests

PM Mentoring Program

Mentoring program helps PMI Chicagoland chapter members learn from one another through mentor - mentee relationship.
  • Provides experienced PMI professionals an opportunity to mentor and gain mentoring experience.
  • Provides an individual (mentee) an opportunity to ask questions and learn one-on-one with a mentor.
  • Earn PDUs
  • Resume reference

Chapter Newsletter

Monthly publication includes information about guest speakers, events organized by PMI Chicagoland chapter, project management articles by known authors, membership information, and local chapter updates.
  • Free subscription 
  • Emailed monthly
  • Archived PDFs

Publish an Article

Write an article on project/program management and submit to PMI Chicagoland Chapter for publication in the monthly newsletter
  • Earn PDUs,
  • Enhance writing skills & become an author,
  • Share a topic that you are passionate about with other like minded professionals,
  • Become noticed in the 4,000+ member community,
  • Resume reference

Professional Development

Provides opportunities to enhance professional development through educational opportunities.
  • Earn PDUs.
  • 3 options to take courses *  instructor led  * On demand - take a course at your leisure * On line
  • Professional Development Day
  • Discounts for certain courses for PMI Chicagoland Members 

Business Outreach

Primary focus outside is membership and influencing in a more indirect manner however there are a couple of areas that have a direct ‘member’ value proposition.
  • Outreach volunteering opportunities allows enhanced networking and interaction with the “external” communities, organizations, executives 
  • Hosted events  have educational and PDU value to the membership.  Event costs generally included, making the cost per PDU low in comparison.

PM Knowledge Sharing

Provides opportunities to enhance professional development through attending monthly knowledge sharing meetings.
  • Earn PDUs
  • Get noticed in the community as a SME
  • Grow your networking contacts

Volunteer Opportunities

Various volunteering opportunities available to chapter members to get involved and give back to the community and to learn from those experiences
  • Earn PDUs
  • Develop/enhance ones project/program management skills
  • Develop/enhance leadership skills and other professional skills,
  • Get recognized for service
  • Make a difference to your community
  • Resume reference

Career Opportunities

PMI Chicagoland Chapter helps members in announcing and finding job opportunities
  • Announce Job Openings to group of experienced Project/Program managers
  • Find job postings related to Project/Program Management

Leadership Opportunities

Volunteers for the Chapter get real world experience in leading teams and in running an organization.
  • Earn PDUs.
  • Real experience in running an organization.   
  • Exposure/Participation in setting strategic goals and projects for an organization
  • Leadership development training provide at no cost
  • Network and learn from volunteer leaders in Chicagoland Chapter and throughout PMI Region 2

 Become a member of PMI Chicagoland Chapter

To become a member of the third largest PMI Chapter in the world, you must first be a member of the Project Management Institute, and through PMI. When you Join PMI, you will be able to Join our Chapter. When you apply for membership, you can join PMI -Chicagoland for the additional chapter fee.

If you are already a member of PMI , go to Global PMI website and click on Member Log On.

When you're at your Member Information Home page, scroll to the bottom and under Components, click on Add Chapter.

After you join PMI Chicagoland Chapter 

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting and thank you for joining the Project Management Institute and the PMI Chicagoland Chapter, the organization of choice for project management professionals in the Chicagoland area.

  • You will automatically be added to the PMI Chicagoland Chapter roster (it might take a few weeks for PMI headquarters to notify us).
  • You will receive a New Member Welcome Packet that explains all of the services available to you through the PMI Chicagoland chapter.
  • You will automatically be enrolled in our Chapter newsletter delivery service.