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PMI Chicagoland Chapter 2020 Virtual PM Symposium 

The Project Management Institute (PMI) Chicagoland Chapter is pleased to extend an opportunity to join our 10th Annual Project Management Symposium (previously known as Professional Development Day), to be held virtually via the vFairs Platform on Saturday, September 26, 2020, from 8AM- 5PM  

This is your opportunity to reach an incredible, engaged audience of Project, Program and Portfolio Manager from across the Chicagoland Area and beyond.  


The 2020 Virtual PM Symposium celebrates a decade of incredible annual conferences where Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers along with other industry professionals connect virtually to share knowledge, make useful contacts, and gain actionable insights from inspiring speakers representing all facets of the PMI Talent Triangle. This all-day event will provide professional development opportunities for attendees of all skill levels.  

 This year’s theme is “The Transformative Project Manager in the Next Decade”, offers a unique opportunity to honor the accomplishments we’ve achieved over the past decade, and look ahead to how we will become Transformative Project Managers who will harness the future trends and lead the charge, changing how we work, manage our teams, and envision our careers going forward. 

 About PMI Chicagoland  

PMI Chicagoland Chapter is one of the top ten largest chapters in the world catering to Project Management needs of more than 5,000 PMI members in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. Our membership consists of Project Management Professionals who hold influential positions within a diverse range of industries in our region. 

The PMI Chicagoland Chapter, serves the Greater Chicago area and is proud to be one of the largest and well-established networks of project management professionals in the United States. Local PMI chapters, such as the Chicagoland Chapter, advance the mission and objectives of the Project Management Institute – a global organization founded in 1969 for project management – consisting of more than 500,0 members and credential holders in 170 countries. 

The Chicagoland Chapter was chartered in 1977. With over 5,000 members in the Chicago metropolitan area, we are one of the largest chapters in the world and one of the most active chapters in the Project Management Institute. One of the goals of the Chicagoland Chapter is to provide our members opportunities to network with other Project Management professionals and practitioners in a wide range of industries in the Chicago metropolitan area. This enables our members to share project experiences, effective project management techniques and tools, and valuable lessons learned. 

 Industries We Serve 

Chicagoland’s largest and most respected organizations are represented in our membership. Our membership includes industry leaders in construction, consulting, engineering, financial services, government, healthcare, information technology and pharmaceuticals. 

The Benefits of your Sponsorship 

Unique benefits of sponsoring the 2020 Virtual PM Symposium 

  • Ability for greater attendance in the Chicagoland area as well potential for national and global exposure.  
  • Ability to schedule one on one meetings with attendees 
  • Ability to ask visitors for their LinkedIn profiles during your discussion with the attendee enabling you to ask real time questions rather than wait to follow-up.  
  • Greater visibility for your logo in the atrium, help desk and booths without going through the expense of purchasing physical signage.  
  • Without the need to travel potential attendees are more likely to sign up for the symposium rather than an in-person event.  
  • Virtual means all the benefit of in-person event with lower costs and less preparation- no travel, hotel, etc.   
  • Ability to provide Handouts, Sales sheets, White Papers, Take-Aways, Digital coupons, Gift cards, Digital give away without the expense of printing and shipping.  
  • Ability to create eye catching booths using simple and easy to build templates. 


The Benefits of a Virtual Booth  

  • Post-event reports, providing booth metrics and contact information for all attendees who visit your booth 
  • Able to include videos and up to five displays at your booth depending on the level of your package.  
  • Able to link your website to your booth  
  • Unlimited staffing for your booth via chat feature without having to travel or be away from the office  
  • Ability to provide Handouts, Sales sheets, White Papers, Take-Aways, Digital coupons, Gift cards, digital give-aways Get creative!   
  • You can offer coupons or vouchers, a free trial for a software, or an online course attendees can access same day. 
  • No shipping displays and equipment, no travel, no set up and no tear-down!   

Sponsorship Packages 

There are four types of sponsorship in this proposal. Your company may choose one of the sponsorships types available. The details of each sponsorship packages are stated in the next page.  

 Symposium Partner Matrix

 All Sponsorship Packages Include:  

  • Booth Metrics Reports after the Event: 
  • Contact information for everyone who interacts with your booth 
  • Total Visits, Unique Visits, Tab Clicks (White Bar), Documents Viewed, Videos Viewed and Chat Timings 
  • Customized Booth:  
  • Add links to external websites on your booth. 
  • Share documents with booth attendees (PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint 
  • Have videos play on your booth display  
  • Up to 3 representatives to interact with the attendees via chat.  


Sneak Peek at the Customizable Booth Offerings 

 Program Partner 

Choice of three (3) unique booth designs 

  • Each display has six (6) display panels for your branding including: banners, brandmark, videos, etc.  
  • Customized Booth Colors 


 Keynote and Track Partner


 Advocate Partner 

Choice of two (2) unique booth designs 

  • Each display has five (5) display panels for your branding including: banners, brandmark, videos, etc.  
  • Customized Booth Colors 


 Advocate Partner

 Booth Partner 

Choice of two (2) unique booth designs 

  • Each display has four (4) display panels for your branding including: brandmark, videos, etc.  
  • Customized Booth Colors 

 Booth Partner

 Mini Booth Partner

One (1) booth design 

  • Three (3) display panels for your branding including: brandmark, videos, etc.  
  • Customized Booth Colors 


Mini Booth Partner

Become a Sponsor NOW 

Program Partner

Advocate Partner

Booth Partner

Min-Booth Partner






Terms and Conditions 

PMI Chicagoland reserves the right to: 

  • Accept only sponsorships that have a direct project management benefit to our membership, limit the number of concurrent sponsorship; and/or defer, refuse, or cancel sponsorships. 
  • PMI Chicagoland is constrained by law to limit the fair market value of the goods and services provided to sponsors in return for their financial support.  
  • PMI Chicagoland does not provide members or attendance information from these events.  
  • PMI Chicagoland does not sell or rent information about its members or conference attendees; however, Sponsors may collect information at the designated Sponsor Table location.  


Thank you for your interest in and support of the PMI Chicagoland Chapter.