Project of the Year Award 2020: AHA 100 Million Mask Challenge

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100 Million Mask Challenge

Kenneth Cygan

Kenneth Cygan

Sr. Director E-PMO, American Hospital Association

The 100 Million Mask Challenge was a nationwide effort calling on manufacturers, the business community, and individuals across the country to coordinate efforts to rapidly-produce needed PPE on a large scale for the nation’s health care workers. The initiative was part of a portfolio of COVID-19 responses, all enabled by AHA’s Enterprise PMO and the organization’s thought leadership.

“AHA’s newly founded E-PMO demonstrated organizational project management maturity beyond its years through forming and managing a complex web of relationships between hospitals, manufacturers, individuals, and external partners,” said Ura Puranda, VP of Business Outreach for PMI Chicagoland. They further demonstrated their strengths by quickly launching a series of digital communities in web and mobile channels that created a marketplace where hospitals could purchase PPE directly from suppliers that have gone through an in-depth vetting process.

“We hope this recognition will encourage other organizations that may not have built out a project management competency to consider new ways of working, as an investment in a PMO will unlock best practices in areas of organizational agility,” said Kenneth Cygan, Sr. Director E-PMO– American Hospital Association.

AHA’s efforts have garnered national recognition as evidenced by Nasdaq advertising the 100 Million Mask Challenge in Times Square and the American Society of Association Executives naming them to their 100 Associations That Will Save the World.

PMI Chicagoland Chapter sponsors and awards the Project of the Year to organizations and leaders who demonstrate excellence in Project/Program/Portfolio management to encourage companies to embrace effective project management practices, thus increasing their opportunity to realize strategic goals. Srinivas Saineni, President of PMI Chicagoland, and Ura Puranda, VP of Business Outreach, thank all the organizations that participated in this year’s program.


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About the Project of the Year Award

The 2020 PMI Chicagoland Project of the Year Awards  recognizes individuals, teams, or organizations within the Chicagoland area whose work had a significant and demonstrable impact in 2020 responding to the pandemic. The three key focus areas are: 

  • Problem Solving 
  • Meeting Urgent Needs 
  • Treatment and/or Response to Pandemic 

Nominations were reviewed by the Project of the Year committee, and the finalists were presented to the Board.

Thank you to Everyone who Submitted applications!


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About Business Outreach

Business Outreach’s goal is to create strategic partnerships with local businesses and executives to promote and drive the value of project, program and portfolio management as a core capability to support organizational success; and to provide career services to enhance member value. There are three program areas; Corporate Outreach, Career Outreach and Executive Council.

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