PMI Chicagoland Chapter February 10 2021 Monthly Meeting


February 10, 2021
6:00 PM CST - 7:30 PM CST
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Virtual Instructor-Led




                     Joe Perzel
Business people are faced with lots of data and have to make lots of decisions, and there are plenty of options and opinions about those decisions. If someone does not support your "project" or your "strategy" it is because they have a different perspective that is based on their experiences and priorities. Their lack of support for your idea is not politically based; it's because *you* do not understand their perspective.  It is up to you to listen better and try to appreciate an alternative view. Hopefully, the other person or department will try to appreciate your good idea too. 
The major points to be covered include: 
1. Its Win-Win, not Win-Lose 
2. “Walking a Mile in their Shoes” – understating the other perspective 
3. Building relationships to eliminate conflict 
4. Hints for when things get messy 
This presentation will discuss how to take out (or at least reduce) politics in your project, program, or portfolio, leaning on effective, pro-active approaches by altering your view of “politics” and improving your understanding of other perspectives. 

Speaker BIO:
Joe Perzel has been leading projects of all sizes and managing staffs since 1982 in both a corporate and vendor capacity.  He has a background in multiple industries including healthcare, insurance, finance, government, non-profit, K12, and higher education, audit and compliance, manufacturing, and agri-business.  Presently Joe is Partner JPerzel Inc. as well as Program Manager at Surescripts LLC.  He has also held leadership positions at Cargill, MN Workers Compensation Insurers Agency, Thomson Reuters and International Multifoods. 
Joe has been presenting since 2002 on topics ranging from project management, leadership, strategy, negotiations/sales, career management, and entrepreneurship.  Most recently he has been the keynote at the Manitoba PMI Symposium, Central Arkansas PDD and the Rochester CTC Leadership conference, as well as facilitated workshops and presentations to PMI-MN, PMI International, PMI (Atlanta, Delaware Valley, Dallas, Heartland, MileHigh, Silver Springs), IIBA, ASQ, MN State Symposium, St Cloud State University and the University of St Thomas.   

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