Professional Association Outreach


The mission of Professional Association Outreach is to advocate and promote Project Management, PMI and PMI Chicagoland to other professional associations and to bring back to the PMI Chicagoland membership information, interaction and items which will provide a value. To achieve this mission, goals have been established for Professional Association Outreach and for the outreached associations to be interacted with.

Professional Association Outreach Goals

  1. To provide members with knowledge of other professional associations and their events.

  2. To continuously identify and seek to establish relationships with the leadership of new professional associations.

  3. To establish a foundation of infrastructure and processes which will allow Professional Association Outreach to expand the number of members and the number of organizations which it can support while still maintaining a quality experience for all involved.

  4. To document case studies from some of these endeavors.

Outreach Organization Goals

  1. To identify opportunities for joint involvement.

  2. To be introduced to PMI and PMI Chicagoland.

  3. To identify values for their own membership from involvement with PMI Chicagoland

How to Get Involved

  1. Opportunities of Collaboration
  2. Mutual Benefits
  3. Contact Form.

PMI Chicagoland Members

Please visit our Chicagoland chapter volunteer system to consider the positions made available by the Director, Professional Association Outreach.  You may also reach out to the Director, Professional Association Outreach at [email protected] for information.