Executive Council

What is the Executive Council?

The PMI Chicagoland Chapter Executive Council is a group of invited executives from various Chicago-area industries who share ideas, perspectives and best practices for improving the management of projects in organizations and the role of the project management profession.

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Council Vision:

The PMI Chicagoland Executive Council exists to promote the strategic and operational value of Project Management, advancing the profession to the C-suite.

Council Mission:

The mission of the Executive Council is to provide select senior-level business leaders and project management executives with a strategic thought forum for tackling industry challenges, sharing project management trends, ideas, challenges, and other relevant topics which will benefit the Executive Council Members, the broader Chicagoland Chapter, and/or the profession as a whole. The Executive Council will pursue this mission through the execution of three strategic initiatives.

Broad Insights Sharing: Create a platform for strategic thought leadership for our members to promote best practices and the role of project management in driving positive business results.

Executing Networking: Advocating and promoting the profession of project management by connecting with C-Suite executives to underscore the value of the project management discipline as a relevant strategic business advantage.

PM Talent Growth: Strengthen the knowledge and skills of the membership through networking, knowledge sharing, mentoring, and panel discussions.


Operating Principles

Strategic Focus:

Hold cross industry discussions on the current strategic challenges facing the members of the council. Collaboration identifies resolutions and/or mitigation plans with an eye on driving benefits to the C-suite.

Customer Centric: 

- Recognize the EC and Chicagoland Members as customers, ultimately recognizing the impact of our work on the members’ businesses and operational customers.

- Leverage vast experience and shared knowledge from EC Members.

PMI Organizational Agility: 

- Promote the proven PMI methodology.

- Identify industry disruptions and their impact on the PM’s evolving role.

- Identify, leverage and communicate industry improvements in tools and practices.

- Document and communicate the adapted practices by younger PM professionals.


About Business Outreach

Business Outreach's goal is to create strategic partnerships with local businesses and executives to promote and drive the value of project, program and portfolio management as a core capability to support organizational success; and to provide career services to enhance member value. There are three program areas; Corporate Outreach, Career Outreach and Executive Council.

For more information about Project Management Institute Chicagoland Chapter's Business Outreach program, please visit our page or contact [email protected]