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Mentoring Program


The PMI Chicagoland Mentoring Program has existed since the Chicagoland Chapter was formed in 1977 but underwent a major transformation in August 2016. The revised program is the flagship program of the Chicagoland Chapter and is renowned internationally in the PMI Global Organization. In addition to its foundation being presented at the PMI Leadership Institute Meeting 2017 – North America (NALIM), the Director of Mentoring continues to meet with PMI chapters and share our methods, which have been recognized as best-in-class by PMI Leaders.

The PMI Chicagoland Mentoring Program offers two sessions per calendar year to its members. Each 20-week session follows the same syllabus and Formal Mentoring Format. The Formal Mentoring Format is characterized by the principles of project management, including:

  • Specific Start and End Dates – the same for everyone in a Session
  • Facilitation by the Mentoring Leadership Team (MLT)
  • One-to-one Mentee/Mentor Partnership
    • Mentoring partner is recommended by MLT
  • Required Meetings and Events
    • Minimum of 10 one-to-one Mentee/Mentor meetings (Most Partnerships average 20 meetings during a session.)
    • 3 Mandatory Events: Kickoff, Mid-session, Final
    • 1 Mandatory Mentor Training Event
  • Required Documentation & Deliverables Modeled on the Project Management Book of Knowledge:
    • Personal Development Plan (PDP) developed by Mentee with Mentor Support
    • 2 Status reports completed by Mentee with Mentor Support
    • 2 brief presentations by Mentee with Mentor Support
    • 2 anonymous surveys
  • Communication
    • Networking
    • Directory
  • Mentor/Mentee companion guides/workbooks
  • Commitment to Mentoring Partner and the Mentoring Program

Each Mentoring Session has three phases:

  1. APPLICATION Phase – 8 weeks
  2. PLANNING Phase – 5 weeks
  3. EXECUTION Phase – 20 weeks


The APPLICATION Phase begins with an email to all PMI Chicagoland members from the Director of Mentoring announcing the session, providing a hyperlink to the online application and inviting interested Mentees and Mentors to apply online.

  • For the Spring Session, this is typically November 1 through December 31 of the preceding year.
  • For the Fall Session, this is typically June 1 through July 31


The PLANNING Phase consists of reviewing all applications and resumes received and pairing a Mentee with a Mentor who will provide guidance and expert advice to the Mentee throughout the 20-week session.  During the final week of this phase, a Mentor Training Event will occur. This is an opportunity to align expectations, review deliverables and role play some typical interactions.

  • For the Spring Session, this typically occurs January 1 through February 8.
  • For the Fall Session, this typically occurs August 1 through September 8.


The EXECUTION Phase is the 20-week period where all facets of the Formal Mentoring Format are realized by the Mentee/Mentor partnerships that were formed by the MLT in the previous phase.

  • For the Spring Session, this is typically the second week of February through end of June.
  • For the Fall Session, this is typically the second week of September through the end of January.


For the Mentee, the EXECUTION Phase begins with the creation of a SMART Goal and a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to accomplish that goal. The Goal is of each Mentee’s choosing according to his/her perceived needs and/or desires (subject to certain limitations). Each Mentee will develop his/her goal with the advice and guidance of his/her Mentor. The specific goals in any one session will run the gamut from the straight-forward to the complex and may involve technical, business strategy/management, and leadership elements. Typically, in a session of 40 Mentees, we will find 40 unique goals. It is truly an individual effort that each Mentee will drive by displaying his/her project management acumen.


Application Qualifications 

To submit a Mentee application, the applicant must meet each requirement below:

  • Be a member of the PMI Chicagoland Chapter
  • Be a member in good standing, i.e., PMI Global and PMI Chicagoland Chapter dues are current and remain current through the Session.
  • Provide a current resume.


To submit a Mentor application, the applicant must meet each requirement below:

  • Be a member of the PMI Chicagoland Chapter
  • Be a member in good standing, i.e., PMI Global and PMI Chicagoland Chapter dues are current and remain current through the Session
  • Hold a valid PMP credential
  • Have a minimum of 10 years of recent project management experience.
  • Provide a current resume.



  • Both Mentees and Mentors may submit applications free of charge.
  • Mentees accepted into a session will be required to pay a $100 session fee during registration for the Kickoff Event.
  • Mentors accepted into a session do so free of charge.



Elmhurst College is currently our venue of choice. It is centrally located amongst the PMI Chicagoland Members who have participated in past sessions. It is readily accessible by both public and private transportation. Residents of Chicago have two options for mass rail transit to Elmhurst; they can take either the CTA-Halsted-Orange Line or the Union Pacific West (UP-W) Metra. There is ample free parking for those who drive to the campus.  


Professional Development Units (PDU)

For Mentees and Mentors who have PMI certification (except CAPM), there is ample opportunity to earn PDUs throughout the session. The three group events (Kickoff, Mid-session, and Final/Closing) collectively comprise a course that awards 10.5 PDUs which are distributed across the Talent Triangle. The Mentor Training Event similarly awards 3.5 PDUs that are distributed across the Talent Triangle. In addition to the course awards, Mentees and Mentors earn PDUs for each hour of one-to-one contact they have.



For more information about this program, please email Director of Mentoring.



Schedule of Recently Past, Present, and Future Sessions

2021 Spring Mentoring Session – (Status 2/20/2021) – The Mentor Training Event and the Kickoff Event were successfully completed at the Elmhurst University Campus on February 6 and 13 respectively according to the schedule. Each event used a hybrid delivery method where some percentage of the participants were on campus and some were remote. Zoom was used to connect everyone and form 4 to 5 breakout working groups. Each group conducted goal development exercises using a software application developed for the occasion. The events were successful in everyone’s eyes and Mentees, with the guidance and support of their Mentors, are now off to develop their very own Personal Development Plan which will guide them through the next 17 weeks of the Session.


2020 Fall Mentoring Session – On June 2, 2020, the Director of Mentoring cancelled the 2020 Fall Session, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Mentoring Leadership Team (MLT) plans to take this time to redesign portions of the Core PM Mentoring Program based on feedback from Mentee and Mentors attending previous sessions. The MLT plans to offer a virtual knowledge sharing event to review the existing session format as well as introduce new concepts to be included in the next session, the 2021 Spring Mentoring Session.


2020 Spring Mentoring Session– The 2020 Spring Mentoring Session concluded on June 20, 2020 as planned. Rather than having the in person Final/Closing Event on the Elmhurst Campus, the Event was a virtual event, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Core PM Mentoring Program’s first virtual event was well received.

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