Project of the Year Award 2020

Do you know of an individual, a team, or an organization which has made a difference this year? The PMI Chicagoland Project of the Year Awards will recognize individuals, teams, or organizations within the Chicagoland area whose work had a significant and demonstrable impact in 2020 responding to the pandemic. The three key focus areas are: 

  • Problem Solving 
  • Meeting Urgent Needs 
  • Treatment and/or Response to Pandemic 

The PMI Chicagoland chapter will present the Project of the Year Award in three categories: individual, team, and corporations.

To nominate an applicant, please download and submit the application!


Requirements and Guidelines: 

Nomination Process: 

  • One Lead Nominator with whom PMIC will communicate regarding the nomination must be designated 
  • The Lead Nominator does not require PMI affiliation 
  • Review PMIC Nomination Requirements and Guidelines Section of this document 


Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Nomination open to any individual, team or organization within the local Chicagoland area 
  • Project of any type within the Chicagoland area 
  • Individual, team or organization can only nominate one project 
  • Same project cannot be nominated across all three categories 
  • PMI Chicagoland leadership team members are not eligible for individual award 
  • PMI Chicagoland project or volunteer teams are not eligible for team award 


Project Information 

  • Nominator name, position, affiliated institution and/or organization, and professional address and phone number. 
  • The name and title of the individual candidate, team, or organization being nominated. 
  • Provide a brief overview of the project including, how it was identified, planned, executed and how the project is going to deliver significant and demonstrable impact on responding to the pandemic. 



  • Provide concise responses on why/how this nomination exemplifies each criteria of the PMIC Project of the Year Award Recognition 
  • How has this project resulted in significant response and/or changes? Please provide available evidence detailing how this occurred and how this has been deployed in the field or had an impact in the response to pandemic. 
  • Show how this positively impact the greater Chicagoland area. 


To nominate an applicant, please download and submit the application!


To nominate an applicant, please download and submit the application!


 Project of the Year Additional Details

General Terms and Conditions   

  • The application was completed in compliance with the guidelines provided in this guide 
  • All submission packets and contents become the property of PMI Chicagoland Chapter and will not be returned 
  • Authorizations, clearances, consents necessary for public releases are obtained and submitted 
  • The PMI Chicagoland Chapter will not reimburse any expenses for assembling the nomination package or related materials to support the nomination 

In the Event of a Successful Nomination 

  • The PMIC Project of the Year Award Selection Committee will evaluate each nomination package and make the final decision 
  • The nominations, evaluation process, and scores are proprietary to PMIC and will not be disclosed to nominators or nominees 
  • The Lead Nominator will be notified of the status of the nomination at the conclusion of the evaluation process 
  • Selection and communication of nomination status must take place no later than December 9th, 2020 at the Chapter monthly meeting 

In the Event of an Unsuccessful Nomination 

  • The PMIC Project of the Year Award Selection Committee is not obligated to extend the award(s) if there are no projects meeting the required criteria. 

To nominate an applicant, please download and submit the application!


About Business Outreach

Business Outreach’s goal is to create strategic partnerships with local businesses and executives to promote and drive the value of project, program and portfolio management as a core capability to support organizational success; and to provide career services to enhance member value. There are three program areas; Corporate Outreach, Career Outreach and Executive Council.

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