Organized under our Chapter's Membership department, participation in our programs and services are a Membership Benefit and are provided exclusively to our Chapter Members.  In addition to our flagship program, the Core Project Management Mentorship Program, we are innovators leading in project management mentorship offerings.  Our group also promotes mentorship program development and provides consultative support within the Chapter and PMI Region 2 projects and partnerships.  

Our mission is to offer practical and personalized development opportunities at every career level and development stage for PMI Chicagoland Chapter Members by building project management competency through various mentorship delivery formats.

We want to elevate the reputation of the PMI Chicagoland Mentorship Group and to be regarded as the preeminent source for project management mentorship and leadership development by promoting mentorship within our Chapter, reaching out to local organizations in the Chicagoland area and by assisting and encouraging other Chapters in our PMI region to do the same.

Our values:

  • Quality.  We use continuous improvement as a guiding principle in the development of all Mentorship processes.  We create standards that meaningfully support quality and continuous learning and improvement.  We model this as an attitude to be fostered in all Mentorship program participants, volunteers and leaders.
  • Focus on People.  We prioritize people over process while investing in their development.
  • Open Partnership.  We foster a vibrant, collaborative experience based upon professionalism, courtesy, free exchange of ideas and open and honest communication.
  • Sustainable Leadership.  We model and plan for sustainable leadership and organizational development practices.

Our Strategy:

  • Create programs and services that target our Chapter Members' professional needs and objectives, increase membership value and elevate the profession of project management.
  • Create a safe and supportive mentoring environment that fosters the professional development of practitioners and leaders in the project management profession.
  • Always focus on strategies to enhance, expand and promote the mentorship vision that are rooted in increasing quality, not quantity.
  • Encourage problem-solving, innovation and experimentation in project management within the mentoring context, including learning from experiences related to failure.

PMI Chicagoland Mentorship Group